Williams Group Video Testimonials

August 30, 2022

Video Transcript

What Williams Group program do you utilize?

Hi, I'm Dave Castle IQ. An optometrist in Wisconsin. We will all sell our practices at some future date. The fortunate among us will sell based on a well defined exit strategy. Those less fortunate will sell based on one of the three Ds death, disability or divorce regardless of the reason for selling a practice. An accurate unbiased appraisal is the foundation for all practice transitions. I have been very impressed with the professional approach to practice appraisal that the Williams group provided. The information they requested was at times tedious to obtain. But in the end provided an appraisal that I am confident accurately reflects the true market value of my practice. It is without reservation that I recommend the Williams group to provide practice owners with the information that is needed to make a sound business decision. Thank you.

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