Blue acorn PPP Review - Donald H's Testimonial

April 15, 2021

Donald's Testimonial / Blue acorn ppp review.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Donald H, Self Employed

Donald H: Hey man, I just want to say my experience with Blueacorn was a wonderful one, I've been having my own business since 2020. Got caught up in the pandemic and stuff. It wasn't really able to get my business off the ground. Blueacorn saw something in me, They gave me a chance, man, put me back in the game I'm really happy. I'm really grateful for Blueacorn for this loan, and I'm gonna do the right thing. So hopefully it can be 100% forgivable. But I just want to say that if you're looking to get a little money to get back on your feet and you need a loan, Blueacorn is the way to go. I would advise it to anybody. I'm going to tell all my friends and family members that need it to go through Blueacorn because they got you covered.

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