Christopher Hattar for Discovery Coach Video Testimonials

March 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christopher Hattar, Account Executive

Christopher Hattar: I think what makes Charles' style different is that, it's not like a one size fits all sort of deal. I think that the, you know, the basic levels of discovery, there's certain things that every rep has to do, but I think as you work with Charles more, you both kind of start to get a sense of where you're comfortable, where you're not, where you need to push the limits a bit, where you need to adapt certain questions more so to your style, your approach. So that's what's really helpful because sometimes there's ways, you know, I want to phrase things and Charles and I have to get on the same page about that, and he's great at throwing out suggestions. Like, "here's another way to phrase it, here's the way that I've seen it work this way," consistently adding value in that respect, by making this, not just like, hey, here's the playbook, go ahead, go do it. It's, how do you go about things? What's your style, where can we improve. The other aspect to is Charles is not afraid to, he loves Humbling Disclaimers, but he's not afraid to humbly disclaim that "this might not work." "This might not be the best approach." The experimentation that exists in Discovery is something that's real, it's fluid, it's dynamic and Charles recognizes that. and gives you opportunities to play with things where you need to, if you're trying to figure out how to take a certain approach to a question. I think an example of this, I think a lot of times around, you know, talking through commercials, when it comes to, your business, Charles and I have gone through a couple approaches to kind of suss out is this person someone that's connected to influence and authority and has a sense of the budget picture and how that whole process works. And there's there's artful ways to go about it early on in calls, so it doesn't feel as transactional and feels more value driven. He's giving me suggestions and approaches there that have made it really easy to adapt and really easy to try different things and come away with the best outcomes and use them going forward.

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