Digital Manufacturer #GoogleCloudSummit - Shekhar Burande

June 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shekhar Burande, AVP, HCL Technologies

Please introduce yourself, your title, and your company.

Shekhar Burande: Hello, Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, My name is Shekhar Burande, and I am responsible for PLM solutions and sales at HCL Technologies. I'm based out of Troy, Michigan.

Tell us about your presentation at the Google Cloud Digital Manufacturer Summit and why it's important to manufacturers.

Shekhar Burande: So I'm talking about cloud transformation of PLM applications at the Google Cloud Digital Manufacturer Summit. The session MFR 103 Product Lifecycle Management in Cloud. PLM transformation to cloud is an important topic, specifically considering current conditions and parameters where the engineering workforce is dispersed. The majority of them are working from home, several will continue to do so. The audience and suppliers, they are interacting remotely so the supply chain and product integrity and management of it through the life cycle is extremely important and several organizations have a cloud-first strategy, and the enterprise applications have been quick in adopting cloud, but engineering and PLM have been slow in doing so due to several constraints. So I hope you'll join me in this session where we'll discuss about how to take PLM applications to cloud and what are the solutions that are available on Google Cloud Platform for faster and agile cloud adoption. Thank you and see you there.

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