Digital Manufacturer #GoogleCloudSummit - Kelly Goetsch

June 17, 2021

Kelly Goetsch of commercetools talks about his presentation at Digital Manufacturer #GoogleCloudSummit

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelly Goetsch, Chief Product Officer, commercetools

Please introduce yourself and the Digital Manufacturer Summit session where you're presenting.

Kelly Goetsch: Hello, my name is Kelly Goetsch, and I'm Chief Product Officer of commercetools. I'm really excited to be speaking at Google's Digital Manufacturer Summit. I'll be speaking with GCP's Head of Manufacturing Solutions, Suchitra Bose in a session titled Accelerating Revenue Growth for B2B customers.

Why is this topic important to manufacturers?

Kelly Goetsch: And this is really important because today, how businesses buy from other businesses is changing. It's becoming much more consumerized, and the business models themselves are being changed as well. There's a rise of marketplace and many B2B organizations are now selling direct to end consumers. It's all changed. We at commercetools have long done B2C and we've learned a lot from that, as they are a few years ahead and we'd like to explain how this all works with B2B and some lessons that we've learned over the years. So we looked forward to seeing you there and thank you very much for your time.

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