Digital Manufacturer #GoogleCloudSummit

June 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Simon Floyd, Director, Discrete Manufacturing Industry Solutions, Google Cloud

Please introduce yourself and the Digital Manufacturer Summit session where you are presenting.

Simon Floyd: Hi everyone. My name is Simon Floyd and I lead discrete manufacturing industries solutions for North America at Google Cloud. I have the pleasure of hosting a session and round table discussion on delivering an exceptional customer experience together with industry leader Viren Shah, Chief Digital Officer at GE Appliances.

What are the key points of your presentation?

Simon Floyd: In order to deliver a personalized and intelligent experience, we need to stop thinking about products and start delivering solutions that solve customer problems or simply delight in their thoughtful productivity. To do so, we need to create an interactive ecosystem where data is shared for mutual benefit.

Why is this topic important to the Manufacturing audience?

Simon Floyd: Manufacturers need to generate revenue over the life of their products, and we will discuss how this can be accomplished using artificial intelligence and delivering an exceptional digital customer experience. We hope that you can join us on June 22. See you there.

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