Digital Manufacturer #GoogleCloudSummit - Paula Natoli

June 14, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paula Natoli, Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Solutions

Please introduce yourself, your title and organization, and the Digital Manufacturing Summit session where you are presenting.

Paula Natoli: Hi everyone. My name is Paula Natoli Head of Supply chain and Logistics Industry Solutions for the Americas here at Google Cloud. And I have the pleasure of hosting a discussion entitled Running Your Supply Chain Autonomously, with two fantastic panelists, JP Morganthal, VP and CTO of Americas at Automation Anywhere, and Hamid Montazeri, SVP Global R&D Software and Digital Transformation from Dematic.

What are the key points of your presentation?

Paula Natoli: Advancements in technology are driving innovation and that translates into opportunities to drive automation in the supply chain. This session covers that opportunity from both angles, both within a facility as well as across business processes.

Why is this topic important to the Manufacturing audience?

Paula Natoli: With increasing challenges and complexities in the supply chain, the ability to inject automation can do a lot of things from improving efficiencies, decreasing costs, improving plan accuracy, and even freeing up supply chain practitioners to focus their time and attention on things that can't be automated. We hope you can join us on June 22 to learn more. See you there.

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