Melissa Saylor for Coffee Review Survey

March 14, 2023

Review of Deveraux's Coffee Boutique's "Christmas Cookies" gourmet flavored coffee

Video Transcript

Speaker: Melissa Saylor

What's your 1st name and age?

Melissa Saylor: Hi, my name is Melissa. I'm 46 and I'm having the vanilla sugar and honey and it's amazing. You can actually taste each of the flavors. I can get hints of the vanilla. Definitely taste the cinnamon and the honey is almost like a soothing. It almost reminds me like it would be delicious. Like if you weren't feeling well, maybe had like a cold coming on or something, I would definitely recommend it.

Did you sample coffee and/or tea? What flavor(s)?

Melissa Saylor: I sampled the cinnamon sugar and honey coffee.

What did it taste like? Did you enjoy it? How likely are you to recommend Deveraux's Gourmet Coffee Boutique to a friend?

Melissa Saylor: It was amazing. It was very good. It's not something I would drink every day just because it is a strong flavor, but it is definitely something I would want to have on hand. Um, for when I'm not feeling the greatest, um, it's very soothing, very calming.

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