Denise's Experience with The Blissful Body Bootcamp

February 29, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Denise

What would you say to a friend about the Blissful Body Bootcamp?

Denise : Hi there just want to pop on here quickly and let everyone know I finished the Boho Beautiful Bootcamp, seven-day challenge. Wow! 15 minutes a day is all you need. I've been a personal trainer, fitness consultant for many years and uh an hour, sometimes two hours people want to train and you really don't need it 15 minutes and I feel great. I usually follow it up with pop onto the Boho Beautiful website or YouTube and do a yin yoga. Been following Boho Beautiful for two years and I love it. Yoga was never part of my practice and really loving it. So definitely give it a try. It's challenging. It's um even for myself I had to take a couple of breaks holding some of those shoulder poses and I love it. I love you guys.

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