Jon Leiberman for Vocal Video Customer Stories

May 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jon Leiberman, Vice President of Content, Social and Influencer Marketing @ Demandbase

Jon Leiberman: We have a robust testimonial video program that we have just launched that includes employees, customers, experts, thought leaders. We really rely on video a lot for not only campaigns, but also day-to-day content as well on social media.

What’s the ROI of customer testimonial videos, and how do you measure it?

Jon Leiberman: We have just launched a comprehensive customer testimonial video program because we believe that customer success stories are really what drive brand, drive pipeline - everything. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say about your company or your brand. They want to hear about what problem you've solved for your customers. We firmly believe that video is a huge part of that. In terms of ROI, some of it is difficult to measure, but others are not. When you look at the views, you look at open rates, and interaction on social and things of that sort.

Would you recommend others try Vocal Video? Why?

Jon Leiberman: One of our best stories with Vocal Video was that after we made a couple of key acquisitions of other companies, we sent out links to all of the employees to get their thoughts on the acquisition, on the future, and things like that. And then we edited together a video that we played at our town hall, which is an all hands. So absolutely, Vocal Video is a way to easily scale your video programs. Vocal Video is a way to engage with a bunch of different stakeholders, and it's super easy to use. People can just click on a link and then upload the video.

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