Nutrien's Randy Irving on what sets the DEI Board apart

July 08, 2022

Nutrien Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Randy Irving on what sets the DEI Board apart from other organizations or resources.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Randy Irving, Nutrien

What sets the DEI Board apart?

Randy Irving: I think one of the things that -- there are several things that sets the DEI Board apart. One, I think the level of membership and the level of people from different organizations is one of the things that sets it apart. I think, secondly, the leadership and the organization of the forum sets it apart. I think Jordana and the team, they do a really great job of putting together meaningful sessions very quickly, depending on the climate and depending on what's going on. And then also, I think most importantly, is the discretion of it. I think everyone feels like it is a safe place to be able to share what is and what isn't working. To be able to share their concerns and hopes in these efforts and really feeling like they have a community of people that they can trust and share things with.

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