Matthew Tandy for Data Strategy Masterclass Feedback

October 04, 2022

Hear what Matthew Tandy at SLG Brands thought about his Data Strategy Masterclass experience!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matthew Tandy, ERP & Business Systems Manager, SLG Brands

Did the Data Strategy Masterclass meet your expectations?

Matthew Tandy: Yes, the Masterclass absolutely fantastic. took me from a position of having an idea that we needed a data strategy to actually give me the tools and ideas and questions to ask the business on how we develop and deliver a data strategy. So, yeah, it's helped immensely. It's still helping. Still ongoing. This is kind of a continuous kind of process, but yeah, absolutely brilliant!

What difference will the Masterclass make to your data strategy efforts going forwards?

Matthew Tandy: The Data Strategy Masterclass has changed the way we think about data and how it enables SLG's business strategy and business growth. So, it's really going forward. It's is put data on the kind of table of initial discussion when we're thinking of our goals and strategies is going forwards data is now one of the initial questions. Well, what what do we need for our data to go to achieve this? So, yeah, the Masterclass has immensely changed the way we think the way we work and hopefully the way we achieve our business goals.

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