Grace Yeung for Data Engineer Spotlight

June 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Grace Yeung

Who are you, and what is your current role?

Grace Yeung: Hi my name is Grace and I'm an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google Cloud

What are you most excited about for the Data Engineer Spotlight?

Grace Yeung: At the data engineer spotlight, I'm most excited for the Cloud Hero Game, which is a hands on interactive game where players will be able to compete in a series of labs to learn the basics of Big Query. And at the very end, if you're on the leaderboard for the game, you'll have the chance to win a surprise prize. Stay tuned for what it is.

Who should attend the Data Engineer Spotlight?

Grace Yeung: If you are a data engineer and you're currently using or you're interested in using any of Google Cloud's data analytics products, or you're just a aspiring data engineer who's interested in the data analytics space, you'll benefit from attending the data engineer spotlight.

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