Data democratization for Marketing using StreamSets, Snowflake and Software AG

November 06, 2023

Daniel Adayev, Marketing Operations Manager, explains how using StreamSets, Snowflake and Software AG technologies democratized data for Sales and Marketing initiatives

Video Transcript

Speakers: Daniel Adayev, Marketing Operations Manager

Data Democratization for Marketing using StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake and Software AG webMethods.io

Daniel Adayev: Hi, my name is Daniel Adayev. I am the Marketing Operations Manager at StreamSets. And my day-to-day mainly involves system integration, API management and hygiene of the martech stack which primarily involves Marketo and Salesforce. I also work with Sales in order to enable any sort of technology or data into the tech stack that is needed to make them the best sellers they can be.

What have you been able to achieve and what's been the impact so far?

Daniel Adayev: I'm excited to share two major milestones that we've achieved with this project. Firstly, we've greatly improved the way that users sign-up data is passed to Sales and Marketing systems. As previously, only a fraction of user sign-up data was readily available. The second breakthrough is in capturing important platform activities. These include job runs, pipeline creations, environment setups, draft builds and more. And we've successfully integrated this data into Salesforce, linking it to lead, contact, and account records. And this gives Sales and Marketing an easy intuitive way to see who is active on the platform. This means that for lead scoring beyond traditional metrics like webinar attendance, event participation, asset downloads, and email engagement, product engagement is now an additional data point that is factored into the calculation. We've not only set this up for leads, but we've also established scoring rules at the account level which allow us not only to see which users within an account are the most active, but also which accounts among our entire database rank highest in product usage in a way combining our product led motion and ABM motions to create something new entirely. With a dynamic system in place that allows us to quickly and flexibly set thresholds for what is a product qualified account, we can readily respond to Sales feedback and fine tune the system over time to evaluate accounts more accurately. So in conclusion, Sales and Marketing now have an additional dimension of data when evaluating opportunities for new business, renewals and upsell. Marketing can respond in real-time to meaningful events and create personalized experiences and campaigns. And this is a pivotal step in StreamSets' journey to data-driven growth and agility across the business.

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