Data democratization for Marketing using StreamSets, Snowflake and Software AG

November 06, 2023

Daniel Adayev, Marketing Operations Manager, explains how using StreamSets, Snowflake and Software AG technologies democratized data for Sales and Marketing initiatives

Video Transcript

Speakers: Daniel Adayev, Marketing Operations Manager

Data Democratization for Marketing using StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake and Software AG webMethods.io

Daniel Adayev: Hi, my name is Daniel Adayev. I am the Marketing Operations Manager at StreamSets. And my day-to-day mainly involves system integration, API management and hygiene of the martech stack which primarily involves Marketo and Salesforce. I also work with Sales in order to enable any sort of technology or data into the tech stack that is needed to make them the best sellers they can be.

What problem were you needing to solve for?

Daniel Adayev: We had a disconnect between our marketing database and our product database. So on one hand, you have your marketing database which has your webinar registrations, your event attendees, your asset downloads, your leads that are talking to Marketing and Sales. And on the other hand, you have your product database which has your platform registrations, your users that are creating pipelines, your users that are in jobs, your users that are running into errors. And this is all information that Marketing Operations was really interested in and we wanted to get integrated into our marketing tech stack. But there were a couple of roadblocks that prevented us from doing so. One of which was the fact that this was owned by a different department and we had limited visibility into the architecture of how this data was stored. We were aware that this data was relatively siloed. And so we didn't really have an easy way of aggregating all that data together, standardizing it and pushing it into Salesforce in an automated and efficient way. On top of that Marketing Operations also had the project of making this data, what we would call platform activities as visible and accessible to Sales users as possible. Our goal was to make it as easy to look at an account's or lead's platform activity as it would be to look at the opportunities related to an account or the email activity related to a lead.

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