StarzTina Wilson for Dale Reports, LLC. Video Testimonials

April 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: StarzTina Wilson, Owner , EliteStarz Fitness

What was going on in your personal or professional life when you made the decision to work with Dale Reports, LLC.?

StarzTina Wilson: Hey, my name is Tina, otherwise known as stars Tina. And I wanted to get on here and give Dale the best biggest testimonial I could because she is definitely a unique individual. I just finished reading her book. So I thought this would be the best time to make this video. And what I have gained from being with Dale is just knowing and understanding eq emotional intelligence a lot because I had never heard of E I emotional intelligence before I met her. She actually hired me to do an event with her. She did a conference and this conference was for um peop was for human resources, the managers in her company. And I had the opportunity to share self help skills. Uh because self, self care, self care is a new revolution so important. So I shared breath work with them and it just felt amazing. And I just wanna say how immaculate this event was that she did, she was so professional. It was she was calm. It was, I mean, I even learned stuff from this event. Uh She also worked with my mother. So she told me she was doing a group coaching program and my mother is very high strung, like, you know, when women get older and, you know, my mother's always been super high string her whole life. And I was like, Dale, I don't know if you can take her. I don't know. And you know, it was, it was a test and I saw a huge difference. Like we went on vacation last year and my mother wasn't screaming and yelling like she always did like she legit could be at the at the light and she screamed, well, be behind. I'm like they can't hear you. Why are you yelling? So she did an amazing job with my, with my mom. And I say if she can help my mom, she can help you. So when it comes to emotional intelligence and understanding who you are and why you're acting the way you act, you know. And she told me she saw a difference in me like the way that I react because I'm a reflection of her. She, you know, I look at her like, oh I want to be like that. So um thank you Dale for being that light, that beacon of light that I want to follow. Thank you.

What made you choose to work with Dr. Dale?

StarzTina Wilson: So I decided to have my mother work with Doctor Dale because I could feel her authenticity right through the zoom lens, her energy. She's very professional. And if she could motivate me, if she could inspire me, I knew that she could do it for my mother. I love the way that she showed up in the world. She was very consistent. She always kept her word and those are some reasons why I decided to have my mother work with Dale.

What EQ techniques or strategies have you learned in Dale Reports coaching that has proven most effective for managing your emotions?

StarzTina Wilson: The one thing that I've learned from Dale that I repeat every single day I use all the time is her halt method. And she says that it's very important that when you're in a certain state of mind, you don't make decisions. I, before this little thing she taught me, I was like, I was very emotional and just like, not too good with things when it was pressure. So now if I have a certain situation and I know I need to halt, uh, don't make a decision when I'm hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Because if you make a decision when you're in that state of mind, they just usually don't turn out too good. So that's the one thing that I learned that I would tell you, make sure that you do.

What has been your biggest breakthrough you've experience since working with Dr. Dale's EQ program?

StarzTina Wilson: The biggest breakthrough that I have gotten from being around Dale is having an amazing relationship with your mate. The relationship that she has with her husband is so beautiful. Uh, it's, it's just something I don't even know how to explain it. It's something I've never seen, I've ever heard. It's loving, it's caring and it just gives me that, that belief, that, yes, true love is out there. Yes, I can have it. So, that's a breakthrough. It's just like never giving up knowing that you can have it. And, um, yeah, that's it.

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