Faizurr for Customer Testimonial Videos

January 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Faizurr, Marketing Team Lead, ODESI

Could you describe a time that Cyngus helped you?

Faizurr: Yeah. Single Cell, Actually, strategy is my product launch. And he advised me. And a lot of things such as like go to market plans, you know, which way should I go for? And what sort of branding elements you incorporated, marketing, collaterals and etcetera. So yeah.

How would you describe Cyngus in three words?

Faizurr: Singers and travelers would be singles his life.

Why is Cyngus different from other similar products or services?

Faizurr: From a variety of brands that have approached, Singers would be the only company that actually took our brand as the manager came up with this amazing, you know, go to marketing plan that actually helps us to do, take this fully, you know, gain more market share. They're the best go to market, but.

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