Scotty Smith for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 06, 2023

Purely to test the functionality of Vocal Video for my business

Video Transcript

Speaker: Scotty Smith, Owner, CycleWerx Marketing

What marketing/sales challenges were you facing that led to you hire CycleWerx Marketing?

Scotty Smith: My business was just sad. I had no sales or marketing going on, so I had to find somebody that I knew could really help me. And you know what scotty and his team at CycleWerx Marketing, they were able to help.

How has CycleWerx Marketing worked to address those challenges?

Scotty Smith: CycleWerx Marketing came in and brought processes and put them in place. I had nothing going on. But all of a sudden they took me from nothing to where I'm putting out social media twice a week on a consistent basis. I've got a newsletter that goes out once a month. I've got brand new blogs that evidently they've looked at and done SEO Research to find out that these blogs will help my business and they've gone through and they've redone my website. I love it.

What is it like to work with Scotty and the CycleWerx Marketing team?

Scotty Smith: You know what, Scotty and his team are wonderful to work with. I always wanted to work with a partner that I can feel comfortable in and he is that person. He's incredibly personable. His team is just really, really friendly and they're always on it and they're on the ball and I can tell they have my best interest at heart.

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