Max Ceron for FABTECH Video Testimonials

February 02, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Max Ceron, Executive Director, Canadian Welding Bureau Association

What makes FABTECH Canada a must-attend event?

Max Ceron: Hi, my name is Max Seon and I am the executive director for the Canadian Welding Bureau Association. Now, why does anyone want to be at Fab tch Canada 2024 slash can weld? Well, let me tell you, you're not gonna find a better event in Canada that showcases the innovation, the technology and the brightest minds around the world in one single place. This is the premium event in Canada for manufacturing, joining Welding. You don't want to miss out on the amazing technologies coming from around the world, the speakers that gather in one place and most importantly, the networking opportunities, there is events and opportunities to network happening every single day. So make sure you sign up early and sign up for all those extra events and I will see you there, make sure you sign up and I can't wait to be a part of this amazing event.

What should manufacturers expect to see at FABTECH Canada?

Max Ceron: One of the best things for manufacturers at events such as Fab Tech Canada and can weld is that you get to see the industry at all levels. Not only are you gonna be in front of the big league players that are always attending these amazing events and also help sponsor them. But you're also gonna get in front of a lot of the new upcoming and really innovative manufacturing companies out there. You're looking at new clients, new customers and a new base that will ensure your success over the next few years. You always wanna make sure you're on the front end of technology and this event will make sure that you stay there. So to all the manufacturers come to Fab Tech Canada show off or come walk the floor and see what's out there. You wanna be a part of this.

Why should a manufacturing professional wanting to advance their career or business attend FABTECH Canada?

Max Ceron: One of the most important aspects of our careers here in the materials, joining industry is networking. There's really no single feature of our uh industry that does more to accelerate your career than to network. Well, we all know through social media, through the internet, through Google all the materials, all the innovations, all the technologies out there. But getting in front of the people, talking to them, getting to know the people behind the innovations of the technologies really makes a huge difference, creating those friendships, creating colleagues and meeting more and more people every day is really what makes you uh a strong player in this industry. So come out network, be ready to be friendly, make friends and get to know all the people out there that are working just as hard as you to try to make this the best industry in the world.

What makes you excited for FABTECH Canada 2024?

Max Ceron: Well, what makes me excited about Fab Tech 2024 in Canada. And Can Weld is that I've been in this industry for over 30 years from when the first time I picked up a stinger and started Welding when I was 17 to today as executive director to CWB. And what I love is seeing the people that I grew up with so many of the mentors that helped me get started to help me get in this chair. I mean, today and also the people that I've come up with that we're all, you know, uh a generation together growing in this industry. And the really exciting part, the part that makes me really giddy is helping the youth come in now watching those 1819 year olds watching those fresh graduates, those fresh welders and fabricators get into the industry and they show up to the show, many of them never attending something like this and seeing their eyes open to the world of technologies, innovations and intelligence, the strong creative power behind our industry and getting to see it firsthand, I still get giddy when I go out on the show floor and see all the people and get to run into my friends and make new friends and I think you should be too, don't miss out on these opportunities to be a part of Fab Tech Canada and Can weld 2024.

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