Vocal Video Customer Testimonials

October 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein @ Endless Events. Hilmon Sorey, Managing Director, ClozeLoop. Heather O'Donnell, MIS and Senior Project Manger, CEG Worldwide. Mollie Phipps, Global Product Marketing Manager, Ignition. Andrea Robideau, Operating Officer & Integrator, Safe Generations. Kayla Evans, Brand Manager, Whistle

Kayla Evans: I would describe Vocal Video as an absolute dream for any marketing team.

Here's what Vocal Video customers have to say...

Hilmon Sorey: We find that video testimonials are the greatest way to get the voice of our customer immediately in the hands of folks who are considering us.

Kayla Evans: Vocal Video just cuts that time right down and allows you to produce something of a really high quality.

Mollie Phipps: And it's really simple and so seamless for us to prepare the Collector and then to publish the videos once they've automatically been edited for us. So it's a huge, huge time saver.

Heather O'Donnell: So it's a simple ask to record videos, like the ones we're getting from Vocal Video can be extremely time consuming and costly. So hands down. The return on investment is massive.

Andrea Robideau: Using Vocal Video within our organization has helped our teams become more creative, more efficient and more consistent in our communication.

Will Curran: I would absolutely recommend Vocal Video to anybody who is creating content. I mean anybody. Period, If you have a pulse, you need check out Vocal Video.

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