Robert Dean - Customer Success Festival London 2023

November 16, 2023

We caught up with Robert Dean ahead of his workshop at Customer Success Festival London 2023.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robert Joseph Dean, Head of Client Success, ProCircular

Robert Joseph Dean: Hi, my name is Robert Dean. I am currently the Head of Client Success for a cybersecurity company based in Iowa called ProCircular. But I've spent just about a decade in customer success in prop tech, fintech, and also financial services.

Tell us about your session

Robert Joseph Dean: So, my workshop is all about transforming your CS teams into a proactive and strategic powerhouse. We're going to discuss how to shift your team's mindset to thinking more strategically and how to coach them towards executing on that strategy.

What is the biggest challenge facing customer success teams today?

Robert Joseph Dean: You know, I think the biggest challenges facing CS teams today are really delivering those bespoke experiences at scale, staying updated with rapid changes and ensuring seamless collaboration across business units. It's all about anticipating customer needs before they arise and measuring the real impact of those efforts. Continuous ideation and accompanying change are the keys to staying agile because our customers needs tend to be moving targets. So for my session, really, what we're gonna be looking at is switching to that more strategic mindset. That way your team can be more agile and making sure that they're making changes in near real time.

Why are events such as Customer Success Festival so important to attend?

Robert Joseph Dean: You know, I think it's really important for customer success managers and customer success leaders to attend events like this. You know, I've always learned more from my peers and leaders in the industry than I ever have from just existing in my own silo. The Customer Success Festival really gives CS professionals an opportunity to come away with a wealth of knowledge and strategy that you just can't get from searching on your laptop.

What’s your number one customer success tip?

Robert Joseph Dean: You know, I think the number one customer success tip that I would have is just listening more and talking less. We all think about customer success as building really, really solid relationships with our customers, really helping them get that return on investment, you know, cross sells up, sells all these things, you know, that we're kind of trying to navigate in this in the our newest form as CS evolves. But I think asking great questions is, is a super, super important skill to have and uncovering problems, you know, new features that we could, that we could come out with. If you're not asking great questions of your customers, you are missing a, a massive opportunity for growth, not just within, not just within the features of your own software of enhancing services that you're offering, but also just uncovering those opportunities that are lying dormant because you're not asking questions. So really zero in on how to ask those questions, how to let your customers do more talk, do more talking than you are, is gonna uncover a lot for, for the business and for your growth as a customer success manager

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