Luke Minors for Customer Success Festival | London

November 29, 2022

Ahead of his panel discussion at Customer Success Festival in London, Luke Minors gives us a taste of what he's exploring: enabling efficiency and creating value through digital-led customer success.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Luke Minors, Manager, Digital Customer Success, Alteryx

Please could you introduce yourself?

Luke Minors: Hi there! My name is Luke Minors and I lead the Digital Customer Success team at Altryx within EMEA. Alteryx is a data analytics platform, with the mission to provide analytic capabilities to all. Myself, I started life as a consultant, delivering data analytics projects before moving into pre-sales and then into high-touch customer success. I got the opportunity to lead and help build our digital customer success business about 14 or 15 months ago, and looking forward to sharing our learnings and successes at the Customer Success Festival.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Customer Success Festival in London?

Luke Minors: I'm really looking forward to contributing to the upcoming Customer Success Festival here in London. I'm honored to be sat on a panel with three other customer success leaders and we will be talking everything digital- led customer success. I'm looking forward to sharing and covering off around um people and how we can have human led initiatives, but that are backed by digital scale programs, data analytics and the way that Alteryx has been able to use that as a backbone to scale our customer success delivery and programs across all of our customers globally and also how you can get executive buy-in and influence with both your customers, but also internally, to build collaboration across different departments.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Luke Minors: I hope to leave you with lots of knowledge and information and learnings that we picked up from building our digital and scaled customer success operation here at Alteryx. We learn a lot around how to get buy in from the team, paint the vision of becoming an automation and digital-led organization, think about how to leverage data and analytics and insight that you can get from both feedback from the Customer Success Managers on the ground, and also insights and trends and things from data that you have available to you. And then also how you can collaborate closely with other organizations across the company, sorry, other departments or businesses across your organization.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to watching at London's Customer Success Festival?

Luke Minors: Be completely honest, I'm yet to go through the agenda for the Customer Success Festival with a fine-tooth comb, so I don't know yet have an answer around what I'm looking forward to the most. However, the real driver for me attending, be involved in the Customer Success Festival this year is to meet and learn from other thought leaders within the space. I love networking and building relationships with other people who have similar interests, who have gone through similar challenges. And it's gonna be a great opportunity to learn from high- performing individuals across multiple different industries who are facing similar challenges to me on a day-to- day basis.

Why do you think it is important to shine a light on customer success?

Luke Minors: I think things are really, really exciting for customer success as a concept. It's still a relatively new space that we're sort of operating in, especially in the sort of digital-led customer success world everyone knows sales and what that does for revenue and building and growing organizations. But as we move into a world of subscription software and subscription-based interactions with other customers and companies, allows us to really start focusing and generating and building revenue and adding lots of value to organizations. So it's a very, very exciting space and there's an opportunity for us really to start delivering and showing the value that we can bring to organizations.

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