Elizabeth Blass | Customer Success Festival Chicago 2023

November 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Blass, Chief Customer Officer, TrustArc

Elizabeth Blass: Hello, my name is Elizabeth Blass and I'm a chief customer officer. I have over 15 years of global leadership experience in the technology sector. Most recently I worked at TrustArc helped to transform the company from an early stage start up into a leading player in the data privacy software space. I have scaled service organizations while maintaining a high level of employee engagement. always. My prior roles include leadership positions at See Me Group and Verizon. I'm an advocate for diversity and helped to launch women at TrustArc which was an employee resource group aimed at empowering women. And I serve as a mentor to women in tech. I'm passionate about cross team collaboration and aligning everyone for customer centric decision making. And I believe that the key to accelerating business growth lies in a company's ability to drive employee and customer engagement equally.

Elizabeth Blass: I'm really excited to attend the Customer Success Festival in Chicago. I'm joining a panel to talk about navigating cross functional best and worst practices for customer retention and growth. I expect it to be a lively discussion. Cross functional collaboration is a linchpin for customer retention and growth and it impacts key metrics across the board.

Elizabeth Blass: I don't think customer success teams are experiencing many challenges today. All they have to do is manage ever increasing customer expectations while adapting to ever changing technology, while synthesizing customer health scores and data into actionable insights, while keeping current on products and collaborating well with other departments and making sure to retain and expand our customer base seriously though it's hard to pick the biggest challenge probably managing through uncertainty. Teams are stressed out and worried about their own future while trying to make sure their customers are experiencing real value.

Elizabeth Blass: It's important for customer success professionals to take time to attend conferences like these. It's a great place to hear about the latest trends, tools and best practices in the field. It also provides some great networking opportunities and it's refreshing to talk to peers and industry leaders about how they're tackling similar challenges. It's easy to get inspired by the many great customer success professionals who attend these events. The timing is also great as most people are in the midst of 2024 planning.

Elizabeth Blass: My number one customer success tip is to listen to your employees. They have great ideas about what your customers want and how to deliver exceptional customer experiences, whether it is creating new processes or changing existing ones. Your employees are a great source of feedback and insight and empowered employees are engaged, employees engaged, employees will create engaged customers.

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