Matthew Primero for Customer Success Festival | Austin

January 17, 2023

Ahead of his panel discussion about tapping into the latest customer engagement strategies proven to increase loyalty, Matt reveals what he's looking forward to about the Customer Success Festival.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matthew Primero, Director of Customer Success at MuleSoft

Please could you introduce yourself?

Matthew Primero: Hey everyone, I'm Matt Primero, I am a Customer Success Director at MuleSoft, a Salesforce company for our public sector, state and local government team.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Customer Success Festival in Austin?

Matthew Primero: I am very excited to meet everybody at the Customer Success Festival, this February in Austin, where I will be one of the panel speakers to talk about my best practices on customer engagements and how it's worked for me.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Matthew Primero: I really trust you'll find this panel discussion very helpful. And if there's a couple of things you'd walk away with, it's finding ways to level up your conversations with your customer, whether it is the stakeholders, executive, leadership team or even your internal teams within your organization, and also navigating through challenges to become a better partner with your customer.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to watching at Austin's Customer Success Festival?

Matthew Primero: There are a lot of great topics over those next two days, but if I had to pick a couple, it would be demonstrating the value of customer success, and also scaling customer success, which is on the second day.

Why do you think it is important to shine a light on customer success?

Matthew Primero: I think it's very important to shine light on customer success because there's so many different ways to leverage customer success in so many different organizations, which means that there's an abundance of tools, processes, best practices to make us successful as customer success leaders, right? And why not share that information, um, to those that are in our profession.

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