Customer Success Festival Chicago - Cristy Rahman

September 11, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cristy Rahman, Enterprise Customer Success Manager/Strategist

Cristy Rahman: Hi there. My name is Christy Rahman and I'm an enterprise customer success manager. I'm also an ambassador for the customer success collective, Chicago chapter.

Cristy Rahman: I'm most looking forward to hearing the guest speakers and meeting them at the event, getting an understanding of their experiences in the customer success industry, as well as insight on its current state is inspirational and I'm looking forward to learning from them and hearing their stories as well.

Cristy Rahman: Like many other industries out there, there isn't just one challenge that the customer success industry is facing. One of the largest challenges I would say is understanding the appropriate process or playbook to apply to a specific customer instance. There are a variety of options that we can choose from and understanding how we can make that process more efficient and effective within a shorter period of time is definitely a challenge that we all tend to face today.

Cristy Rahman: It's immensely important for customer success managers to step away from their day to day jobs and attend events like this. It isn't often that we get the opportunity to hear from tenured veterans in the customer success space. These are the folks who have molded customer success to what it is today and who guide us in this career, that we have helping customers succeed and achieve their goals. So in order to become a better professional, we have to take the time to learn from those who are the best at what they do and that is customer success.

Cristy Rahman: I'm not sure I necessarily have one customer success tip that I can share, but I do have two. The first one is to build Rapport and get to know your customer beyond just their title. Quickly build that Rapport develop that strong personal relationship and that trust will begin to grow. The second thing is helping them realize value, quickly, understanding how the product or service that you are supporting ties into their initiatives and helping them achieve their goals will only provide more support and more fuel for those renewals, expansions and improving adoption.

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