Subha Shrinivasan for Customer Success Festival | Virtual

February 27, 2023

Hear from one of our speakers, attending our Customer Success Festival virtual, on how to optimise the sales to CS handoff and what to action to create alignment between these two departments.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Subha Shrinivasan, Vice President, Rakuten Symphony

Please could you introduce yourself?

Subha Shrinivasan: Hey there, I'm super srinivasan and I'm the global head of customer success and delivery for the unified Cloud bu at Rakuten Symphony.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming virtual Customer Success Festival?

Subha Shrinivasan: And in this upcoming virtual customer success festival, I'm going to be speaking about how to establish alignment between customer success and sales.

Why do you think it is important to shine a light on customer success?

Subha Shrinivasan: It is very important to give all the limelight and the attention that we are giving to customer success, because almost everyone unilaterally no agrees that any growth that a company can anticipate comes from its existing customers and that's the largest pool to tap on to nurture and grow for all new growth. And that's why I think customer success is crucial, and I am personally very passionate about customer success.

Talk us through a specific customer success challenge you’ve encountered, and how the advice in your presentation help solve it?

Subha Shrinivasan: The most important factor that can either make or break the alignment between CS and sales are two things. One is to have a unified customer canvas, in which both parties understand what is the end value that we are delivering to the customer. That is number one second. Most crucial point is to have a checklist during hand off and to strike off each and every line of the checklist to make sure that there is proper hand off and I will be talking about your framework and also the set of bruises that we can follow to establish this alignment, and particularly in these two specific aspects.

What’s been your most valuable career lesson to-date, why, and how can others learn from this?

Subha Shrinivasan: The most important career advice that has been passed on to me, which I believe I should pass on to everyone else is that whatever career that you take up, whatever role that you take up, go after large problems and solve them right? If you are not a problem solved, the chances of your growth in the career is pretty much ruled out, right? So look out for problems, embrace them, solve them and then cast a limelight on them so that everybody knows that you solve it.

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