Sara Arecco for Customer Success Festival | Amsterdam

February 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sara Arecco, Head of Customer Success, Antavo Ltd

Sara Arecco: Hello, everyone. I'm Sara Arecco, I'm head of Customer Success at Antavo, loyalty management platform.

What’s your presentation’s elevator pitch for the upcoming Customer Success Festival in Amsterdam?

Sara Arecco: If you're interested in understanding how customer experience could be integrated inside of your organisation, or how you can improve your customer experience, then you should really come to my workshop. The reason is that at Antavo, we really found a way to make customer experience quantifiable and that's by analysing so many different data points. From tickets to surveys, interviews, voices of customer and really turn it into quantifiable data, which is the key part to show the value of such a department. And to also bring actionable outcomes outside, to the rest of the organization, so that you can shape how the product road map is going to look like and really make sure that you hear your customers and that you act on what they are saying.

Why do you think it is important to attend events like this?

Sara Arecco: Well, first of all, I'm starting from the belief that not one person knows everything and they can always learn, they can always enrich themselves, and you can only enrich yourself when you talk with other people that come from different backgrounds, that come from different industries, that have different roles. So it's really about that. It's about enriching and getting creative and finding creative solutions to your troubles and to your challenges nowadays. I think this is the most fundamental aspect about these kind of events. This is why they are so important. I know when I walk out of this kind of conferences, whether it's one day or two days, I have so many ideas, so many new things that I want to try out. And so many inspirations, many new connections that I know I can ask for having a coffee, for having a chat because it really makes you feel like a whole community to be part of this, because we're all facing the same challenges, even if in slightly different ways.

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