Parul L. Bhandari, Customer Success Festival Chicago

September 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Parul L. Bhandari, Director of Customer Success, Nauto

Parul L. Bhandari: Hi there. My name is Parul Bhandari and I'm the director of customer success at Nauto.

Parul L. Bhandari: I am looking forward to speaking to everyone at Customer Success Festival about navigating cross functional relationships and best practices for retention and growth.

Parul L. Bhandari: Customer success professionals continue to face a mountain of challenges in this current market. And while there may be tides of change, we know that that change may come slowly. So the best things we can do is ensure that our business is efficient honing in on those cross functional relationships and ensuring that everybody really understands what is important and driving towards the best customer experience possible. Even if your budgets are low, and even if you're low on resources, keeping your eye on the prize, which is ensuring that your customers are successful.

Parul L. Bhandari: There's so much value in being able to continue your learning as an individual, as a professional, as someone in the field of customer success. We don't have a credentialing system necessarily. But attending conferences and events like customer success festival, but can really help you keep your eye on the ball of what needs to be done in your role and how you can level up your skill set. And so while it is challenging to step away from your day to day and even, you know, step away from your customers for a little bit of time, the learning and the experience and the networking is invaluable.

Parul L. Bhandari: My number one customer success tip would be never discredit an amount of time or energy that you spend on. Documentation. Knowledge management is the biggest gift that we can give ourselves either as a company or as individuals or for the next CSM and the role that you're in. So if you really want to see your company flourish and thrive, make sure you document and you document well.

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