Niina Majaniemi for Customer Success Festival | Amsterdam

April 06, 2023

Join Niina for an inspiring talk on how empathy & accessibility can transform the customer success experience. Discover strategies to create a more inclusive and customer-centric approach to support.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Niina Majaniemi, Sr Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft

Niina Majaniemi: Hello from Finland. My name is Nina Majaniemi. I am a customer success account manager at Microsoft and I am also an empathy expert and author, empathy in business and I live in Finland uh with my husband and my dog. Nice to meet you.

What’s your presentation’s elevator pitch for the upcoming Customer Success Festival in Amsterdam?

Niina Majaniemi: Did you know that by not focusing on accessibility, you are basically saying no to every or 15% of customers. And did you know that empathy is not just about being nice? It's actually a tool that can help you increase revenue. Empathy and accessibility go hand in hand. The digital explosion allows customers to want more and the communication has become a true dialogue. Empathy helps us to see the world of the customer. Come and listen. why empathy and accessibility are the superpowers of today and going forward in customer success.

Talk us through a specific customer success challenge you’ve encountered, and how the advice in your presentation help solve it?

Niina Majaniemi: I listened to one retailer share how they created an amazing mobile app to ensure that their customers can also get service online except it wasn't amazing. They soon got feedback from a blind customer that the app was unusable. This customer needed screen reader and did not work on this app. So the customer could not even log in. This is one example of why it's so important to understand your customer's needs and where they are coming from and create accessible services.

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