Mia Filippini speaker at Customer Success Festival | Boston 2023

October 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mia Filippini, Director of Customer Success at Scale, Toast

Mia Filippini: My name is Mia Filippini. I am the Director of Customer Success at Scale, at Toast. I began my career in sales, but for the past decade, I've been working in customer success in the post sales experience.

Mia Filippini: At the customer Success Festival in Boston. I will be on the panel for driving success with strategic partnerships across product management, sales and enablement.

Mia Filippini: I might be a little biased here because this is where I spend most of my time on. But I do find that scale is one of the more common challenges in CS because you're not only talking about the overall strategy of the CS team and the technology and the tools that are being used to, to support that strategy. But I find that a lot of success also hinges on the partnerships that you have with other teams. And that third component is what I'll be talking more about in the panel.

Mia Filippini: I think it's very easy to get stuck in your own bubble of your own company, of your own role of your own teams. And I find it's very valuable to not only hear but also speak with other individuals, other teams that are facing the same challenges or have even overcome them.

Mia Filippini: Always be testing and measuring. Because for two reasons, the first being your customers, your industry, your products are probably constantly changing. And so should the way that you are supporting those customers. And second reason is you really need to make sure that those new methods that you're employing are actually moving the needle to drive the metrics that you're looking to improve.

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