Jenna Chau for Customer Success Collective | Case study

February 22, 2023

After attending our the Customer Success Festival in Boston, Jenna Chau, Head of Customer Success at Invelo, explains why attending our events is critical for anyone in the customer success field.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jenna Chau, Head of Customer Success at Invelo

Why did you sign up for the Customer Success Festival in Boston?

Jenna Chau: I signed up for the Customer Success Festival in Boston because we are currently growing our customer success department at Invelo, we're a small startup company in the software industry. And I was really excited and eager to hear from some of the best minds in the CS industry and network with other peers who are doing amazing things. So it was very successful for me.

What were the key outcomes for you?

Jenna Chau: My main objectives for attending the Customer Success Festival in Boston were to network, gain knowledge, to implement with our team and to find potential software solutions.

Were there any particular insights that picked up that you found interesting?

Jenna Chau: There were two things that I found pretty interesting: the first was that I desperately needed to implement a CS ops role into our team, and that is something that will likely be doing within the next six to eight months to handle our processes, procedures and the platforms that we use within the department, and be able to manage and evolve those. And the second was that every person I talked to, the structure of their customer success team was different and it was really interesting to me that, you know, not only here in Massachusetts and in Boston, but across the country and across the world, customer success is defined a little bit differently everywhere you go. So I know that, in time, the industry will start to like standardize and develop more structured roles and how CS teams are built, but right now it's kind of exciting to be part of this industry boom, where everyone is really adapting and focusing on customer success being a very pivotal part of the business.

How are you going to apply the findings from our Boston event in your current role?

Jenna Chau: Man, we've already started applying the knowledge that I've learned from the Customer Success Festival in Boston. And I've also learned a ton from the networking connections that I made, whether that was posts on LinkedIn that I saw, or conversations that I've had since. But even now we've added two new team members to my team and looking to hire two more within the upcoming weeks because we are a fast-growing startup company and have a lot of growth trajectory ahead of us, and a lot of implementation to do so we're actively building and growing and implementing a lot of the knowledge that I learned.

Why should other CSMs and CS leaders sign up for Customer Success Collective’s events?

Jenna Chau: I think the customer success industry in and of itself is booming right now and it's really exciting to be part of an industry that is growing at such a fast rate and to be connected with other professionals who are skilled and talented and cutting-edge in how they connect and how they teach and how they grow this industry and the Customer Success Collective did an incredible job at providing value in the speakers that they chose and how they built the event and able to network and, you know, really collaborate with other CS professionals. So I'm absolutely going to be attending again in the future and I can't wait for what this industry is about to do in the coming years, because we've already made huge strides.

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