Imro Budhoo for Customer Success Festival | Amsterdam

February 20, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Imro Budhoo, Director, Customer Success EMEA, Basware

Imro Budhoo: Hello, my name is Imro Budhoo. I'm attending, of course, the Customer Success Festival in my hometown Amsterdam. I'm working currently as a Director of Customer Success at Basware. And my role, effectively, is leading a team of customer success managers throughout the EMEA region to maximize success for our customers and ensure we are driving the value as we should. I said, looking forward to meeting all of you at the event and discuss customer success and how we can elevate that to the next level.

What’s your presentation’s elevator pitch for the upcoming Customer Success Festival in Amsterdam?

Imro Budhoo: Join me in the panel discussion on assembling and maintaining a high performance CS team. We will talk about effective recruitment strategies, but also identifying key skills that you would need in a customer success landscape, as well as the cultural fit. We will discuss retention techniques, fostering support work environment, but also providing continuous learning to constantly uplift, upscale, and ensure that we, as a CS community, stay on top of what we need to stay on top of. So hopefully, we'll have some actionable takeaways for you, which will mean enhancing your CS team's productivity, but also the client satisfaction and long term success, of course, in today's dynamic business landscape.

Why do you think it is important to attend events like this?

Imro Budhoo: Why do I feel that it's important to join these type of events? It's two things, practically. One is, I think, in the community, we have a lot of knowledge on how to get the best out of our customer success teams. And in the in the end, ultimately have the best experience for our customers. Now, there are many ways how to run a customer success business, but the goals are usually the same. And I think by having these type of events, we can learn from each other, we can network with each other, and at same time grow this community so that we can in the end, grow our success of our customers. So I think from a professional level, it's really great to have all these like-minded people in customer success at the event. And we can all take away from each of these brilliant minds of customer success to take this away to our own customer success teams. And next to this, of course, it's a nice networking event to learn more people in the industry, to also upscale yourself as a CS leader, to find out what's happening in the industry, and take away these elements of customer success to, in the end, of course, upscale yourself and your team, which will lead, in the end, to a better results for our customers.

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