Brittany Yandura for Customer Success Festival | San Francisco

August 03, 2022

Brittany Yandura is participating in a panel discussion at the Customer Success Festival in San Francisco and will discuss how to embed a customer-centric philosophy within the organizational culture.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brittany Yandura, Senior Manager of Customer Success, Fieldguide

Please could you introduce yourself?

Brittany Yandura: Hey there! My name is Brittany, and I work as the Senior manager of Customer Success at an early-stage startup called Fieldguide.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Customer Success Festival in San Francisco?

Brittany Yandura: I'm really looking forward to the Customer Success Festival in San Francisco. I am really honored to be a part of a panel that's going to be talking about how to make customer success centric to your company's culture and philosophy – so be sure to check it out and bring some great questions.

Why do you think it is important to shine the light on customer success?

Brittany Yandura: it's important to shine the light on customer success because it's become a really important and really popular topic of conversation amongst professionals in business, but it's also become something that's been implemented in a lot of companies in the recent past, and so, I think that's great. I think if customer success is that much more important to organizations, that much more popular in discussions and in corporate philosophy is that we really need to make sure that we're supporting our customer success individuals, that we're educating them, that we're constantly all keeping up on what's new and what's important and just learning about how we can all be the best that we can be in the customer success world. So I think by having this festival and shining a light on customer success, it's giving a place for all of these wonderful professionals to really just have a place to grow and learn a network and make sure that we can continue to keep customer success an amazing place to work.

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