Ayman Husain for Customer Success Festival | Las Vegas

May 18, 2023

Join Ayman to explore the importance of customer success in driving business resilience and growth, particularly during an economic downturn. Discover practical tips for building a business case.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ayman Husain, Director Customer Success, Microsoft

Please could you introduce yourself?

Ayman Husain: My name is Ayman Hussain. I'm the Director for Customer Success at Microsoft.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming Customer Success Festival in Las Vegas?

Ayman Husain: So I will be in Las Vegas for the Customer Success Festival. My session there will cover selling to executives during a recession. How customer success will help you be successful during economic downtimes.

In your opinion, which pain point is common for customer success professionals?

Ayman Husain: My customer success, professional peers often want to know what the pain point is within the role itself. I equate it down to the role definition. Is it sales or is it not?

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