Samuel Channells for Customer Success Awards 2022 | Winners

October 10, 2022

Congratulations to the winner of our Rising CSM Talent of the Year award! In his acceptance speech, Samuel Channells, Customer Success Manager at Criteria Corps, reveals what this award means to him.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sam Channells, Customer Success Manager, Criteria Corp

Please could you introduce yourself?

Sam Channells: Good day, everyone. My name is Sam Channells. I'm located here in sunny Queensland in Australia, and I am one of the enterprise Customer Success Managers for the APAC region over here at Criteria Corps.

What does this Customer Success Award mean to you?

Sam Channells: I'm honored and a little bit surprised. to be honest that I have won the Rising CSM of the Year award in 2022, but I am extremely grateful for the recognition. It's a really positive and uplifting experience to know that all of the hard work that you're putting in on a day-to-day basis hasn't gone unnoticed. I think that recognition is something that's super important for employees that are in all sorts of different role capacities in all sorts of different industries as well. Considering the last couple of years that we've been through have been quite turbulent, a little bit of recognition does go a long way and makes work that much more enjoyable as well. So, I just want to say a massive thank you.

Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

Sam Channells: Firstly, I would like to extend a massive congratulations to all of the finalists across all of the other award categories for 2022. It's a phenomenal achievement to have made it to this point. To Customer Success Collective: thank you very much for running the awards this year, I know that it is appreciated across the board – the opportunity for recognition that you are providing people. So, thank you for that. To my company, Criteria: thank you very much for the work environment that you have created. I have absolutely no doubt that is a large part of why I have been able to do the meaningful and impactful work that I have over the last 12 months that's led to winning this award. So, a big kudos to Criteria. And, lastly, to my friends, my family, my partner and to those that nominated me. A massive thank you for your ongoing, unwavering support of my, sometimes, overly-ambitious goals that I have as well. So, overall, just a massive thank you to everyone that's been involved.

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