Melanie Lawn for Customer Success Awards 2022 | Winners

October 10, 2022

Congratulations to the winner of our Customer Success Leader of the Year award! In her acceptance speech, Melanie Lawn, Chief Customer Officer at Forecast, reveals what this award means to her.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Melanie Lawn, Chief Customer Officer at Forecast

Please could you introduce yourself?

Melanie Lawn: Hi I'm Melanie Lawn! I am a CCO at Forecast, which is a small, SaaS startup organization based in London.

What does this Customer Success Award mean to you?

Melanie Lawn: Wow, what does this award mean to me? I have to say I am hugely flattered but also feel very privileged to be recognized for what I do. I love working in customer success, it's one of the best fields to work in. And yeah, this is really lovely and I appreciate it hugely – thank you.

Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

Melanie Lawn: I would love to thank my mentors that I've had along the way, the teams that I work with because I couldn't do my job without them and also those that nominated and voted for me. As I say, huge privilege, thank you very much.

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