GUIDEcx for Customer Success Awards 2022 | Winners

October 11, 2022

Congratulations to GUIDEcx – the winner of our Best Customer Success Tool of the Year award! In their acceptance speech, CEO & Founder, Peter Ord reveals what this award means to him and his team.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Peter Ord, Founder & CEO at GUIDEcx

Please could you introduce yourself?

Peter Ord: Hi, my name is Peter. This is the GUIDEcx team. We are thrilled to accept the number one CS tool in the space. Having created the category and now having an outside analyst review us as number one in the category just means the absolute world to us. I want to thank this team that made it happen – this is just some of the group, and also want to thank our customers that give us excellent feedback. So here's a big cheer for our customers. At GUIDEcx, we help people work better together. Have a fantastic day.

What does this Customer Success Award mean to you?

Peter Ord: The coolest thing about this award is it's validating, you know, a lot of hard work and effort has been put into building a world-class product for our customers and for an outside party, to validate us and to help us understand that what we're doing is special is invigorating. That gives us energy.

Is there anyone you'd like to thank?

Peter Ord: A huge shout out to our customers. We are so thankful that they have trust and have confidence enough so to to buy us and purchase us and make a large investment in GUIDEcx. We truly believe here at GUIDEcx that we are changing the lives of people that use our product. Our mission is to help people work better together, and when when that happens, you know, relationships are formed and happiness is created because people become efficient. Also big shout out to our employees; we have an amazing world-class team. I started this company – part of the reason you start a company is to pick and choose an all-star team that you love to see every Monday morning. And we've done that here – so big, big thank you to those that contribute to the success of GUIDEcx.

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