Didi Olarewaju for Glory Video Testimonials

August 29, 2023

Social Media Marketing Management

Video Transcript

Speaker: Didi Olarewaju , Project Manager, PMO Me Consulting

Could you describe a time that Glory helped you?

Didi Olarewaju : I've been working with Glory for the last four months now and I will definitely recommend her. She's been fantastic in terms of my business and her providing her continued support. She's very personable as well. So I think her customer service is 10 out of 10. She's respectful, she's friendly, she's easily approachable as well. And she always comes up with great ideas as to how I can improve on the topics that I want to discuss. So, for example, in terms of gaining engagement and target my audience on social media, she's given me various advice on how to do that. And I think that's she's been quite instrumental in the growth and the development of my business. So I just want to say thank you. I would definitely recommend her. Yeah, don't think twice and yeah, Glory. Keep up the good work.

How would you describe Glory in three words?

Didi Olarewaju : How would I describe glory in three words. I think she's an effective communicator. She's open, she's approachable and she's super friendly and respectful.

Why is Glory different from other similar products or services?

Didi Olarewaju : I would say that glory stands out and yes, the glory stands out from majority of the service providers. I've used only because she was quite forthcoming with her ideas. And I think for somebody like myself where I am open to suggestions and I kind of need the suggestions when it comes to social media. I think she's been fantastic in that respect. And yeah, honestly, I really do appreciate and value her input into the business.

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