Deborah Peri: Mindful Advisor Retreat

February 13, 2024

Deborah Peri, managing partner at Redwood Park Advisors, shares her experience of Spencer Sherman's Mindful Advisor Retreat

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deborah Peri, Managing Partner, Redwood Park Advisors

Please introduce yourself and share what you do for a living

Deborah Peri: My name is Debbie Peri and I'm a financial advisor.

What specific challenge or need prompted you to enroll in the Mindful Advisor program?

Deborah Peri: As my business was growing and I was reviewing my annual business plan. I realized that there were so many things I was overlooking that I should be offering to clients. I knew I needed to find a way to put together those offerings as well as begin to ask clients better questions to find out what they needed.

How did the program help you reframe or move beyond this challenge?

Deborah Peri: The program was very powerful starting with its remote location. As I was driving into the site, I realized this was no ordinary retreat and that I would be secluded from all the chaos and problems of my daily life and able to truly focus on what is important. I have been trying for years to focus on meditation and mindfulness, starting with a trip to Bhutan back in 2017 with very little success. And I was eager to find out if this place could launch those goals of mine. It turns out it was exactly the place to do that. The small group sessions, the thoughtful discussions led by Spencer, the meditation and the silent meals were incredible. It gave us all a real chance to listen, to understand a better way to communicate, to understand a better way to ask questions and tie it all together into our real life business issues and how we could approach things when we went back. I left more rejuvenated than I've ever been from any kind of retreat.

Would you recommend the Mindful Advisor program to others, and if so, why?

Deborah Peri: I absolutely recommend the mindful advisor retreat. It's not only a temporary reboot that you walk away with. It's a permanent one. It's, it's life changing. And months later, I am slowly working to implement what I learned there and happy every day that I am able to incorporate the learnings and make a difference in my business and with my clients.

What was your deciding factor in signing up for the program?

Deborah Peri: I knew that I had to sign up for the program. Once I heard from a group of other advisers, how powerful it had been in their lives, knowing that it was held in a secluded location was very important. I didn't want to be interrupted or taken away from the sessions like I often am at other conferences, and knowing that it would incorporate meditation, mindfulness and ideals that I'd been trying to work into my life for years now, made me realize that this was an opportunity I couldn't miss.

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