Rajen Sheth, VP of Product, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions, Google

January 29, 2021

Rajen Sheth, VP of Product, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions at Google shares what he is looking forward to in Cloud AI in 2021 and some advice for businesses getting started in AI.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Rajen Sheth

Please introduce yourself, and tell us about your role at Google Cloud AI.

Rajen Sheth: Hi everyone. My name is Rajen Sheth and I'm the VP of Product for Cloud AI and Industry Solutions. I'm really excited about 2021. We have a lot in store this year. I'm excited to bring more great solutions to market and get more developers onto our platform and starting to use AI in meaningful ways for their business. I think the one piece of advice that I would give is for businesses to figure out a very specific problem where AI can really be applied. One thing that we're finding is that the more specific the problem, the greater the benefit, the greater the results. And so really looking forward to seeing what we could do to work with businesses to solve great problems. Thank you very much.

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