Lisa O'Malley, Senior Director, Product Management, Retail & CPG Solutions, Google Cloud

February 01, 2021

Lisa O'Malley who leads product management for retail and CPG solutions at Google Cloud, shares her perspective on how to get started in AI and what she's looking forward to in Cloud AI in 2021.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa O'Malley

Please introduce yourself, and tell us about your role at Google Cloud AI.

Lisa O'Malley: Hello. My name is Lisa O Malley and I run the product management team for Cloud AI Retail & CPG Solutions.

What are you most excited for in Google Cloud AI in 2021?

Lisa O'Malley: I'm excited about scaling our product Discovery Suite of Solutions for Retailers. This solution brings together Recommendations AI Retail Search and Visual Search in a consumer conversion bundle for retailers globally. Recommendations AI is already GA and delivering value in terms of click through rate and revenue lift. Retail Search, currently in pilot, moving quickly towards preview and already showing significant improvement in the quality of search results that our retail customers show to their customers. Bringing all these capabilities together in a single integration means a quicker, easier path to value for our retail customers who are modernizing their e-commerce proposition.

What one piece of advice do you have for businesses getting started with AI?

Lisa O'Malley: to get started with AI we suggest picking concrete and meaningful business problems or opportunities that you think that AI capabilities may be able to help with. What's really important is to invest time up front to deeply understand the business problem, but also the business impacting metrics or outcomes that you wish to drive. Next step, whether you're working with data scientists in-house or with a partner, pick a couple of small pilots, make them meaningful and be prepared to test and iterate your way forward.

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