AI Leadership Highlights Reel

February 17, 2021

This video is my first experiment using VocalVideo and I've been amazed at how easy it is to use.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Andrew Moore, VP & GM, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions. Adam Berlew, Director, Customer Engagement & Operations. Rajen Sheth, VP, Product Management. Aashima Gupta, Director, Healthcare Solutions. Lisa O'Malley, Senior Director, Product Management, Retail & CPG

What advice do you have for businesses getting started with AI?

Lisa O'Malley: To get started with AI we suggest picking concrete and meaningful business problems or opportunities that you think that AI capabilities may be able to help with. What's really important is to invest time up front to deeply understand the business problem, but also the business impacting metrics or outcomes that you wish to drive. Next step, whether you're working with data scientists in house or with a partner, pick a couple of small pilots, make them meaningful and be prepared to test and iterate your way forward.

Andrew Moore: Okay, here's what I always tell someone who's beginning an AI projects or being put in charge of using AI for some purpose. Your project has to be in three stages, and the second and third stages have to happen together. So let me explain. This first stage is *never* asking the question: How do I use AI to dot, dot, dot The first stage is always what do I really need? What do my customers really need? What is the thing which will make my service or product just completely, completely different from how it is today? Then work backwards to figure out how artificial intelligence can help get you to that dream.

Aashima Gupta: We have seen the rise of telehealth due to the pandemic, but we're just scratching the surface of how virtual care can impact health outcomes. For example, imagine that no matter where you are, you can have an appointment with your doctor who has a critical information like medications, symptoms and records from your past visits at their fingertips. And no matter what language you speak, you can communicate with the doctor through a real time, translation powered AI that is able to translate medical terminology so that you can receive care in your preferred language.

Adam Berlew: One piece of advice I would have for businesses getting started in AI is to take their business challenges and quantify them in terms of impact or value, and then rank that against the amount of data and judgment that it takes to solve that problem and use that evaluation and ranking to then prioritize their investments.

Rajen Sheth: I'm really excited about 2021. We have a lot in store this year. I'm excited to bring more great solutions to market and get more developers onto our platform and starting to use AI and meaningful ways for their business. I think the one piece of advice that I would give is for businesses to figure out a very specific problem where a I can really be applied. One thing that we're finding is that the more specific the problem, the greater the benefit, the greater the results.



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