Adam Berlew, Director, Cloud AI & Industry Solutions, Strategic Customer Engagement & Operations

January 25, 2021

Adam Berlew shares his perspective on how businesses can get started in AI and what he's most excited for from Google Cloud AI in 2021.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adam Berlew

Please introduce yourself, and tell us about your role at Google Cloud AI.

Adam Berlew: Hi, I'm Adam Berlew I am the Director of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions, Strategic customer engagement & operations.

What are you most excited for in Google Cloud AI in 2021?

Adam Berlew: One thing I'm excited about for 2021 so we're gonna work with more customers and more partners to create solutions that will unlock extraordinary value for their business and their customers. We were successful in doing that in 2020 and expected to accelerate 2021. And as we do that and allow them to tap into the data they need to build those new products and services, I expect it will create a virtuous cycle for our customers and partners that creates more and more solutions of value for their business.

What one piece of advice do you have for businesses getting started with AI?

Adam Berlew: One piece of advice I would have for businesses getting started in AI is to take their business challenges and quantify them in terms off impact or value, and then rank that against the amount of data and judgment that it takes to solve that problem and use that evaluation and ranking to then prioritize their investments.

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