Cristina's Experience with The Blissful Body Bootcamp

February 28, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Cristina Morrison

Could you please describe your experience with the Blissful Body Bootcamp for others interested in signing up?

Cristina Morrison : Hello. I just finished the seven day Boho Beautiful Bootcamp series and it was really good. Um I have a three month old baby so it was exactly what I needed. Those 15 minute workouts were perfect and they were pretty hard, pretty tough. Um I was definitely feeling them the next day, my arms and legs. And it was very motivating to have that, you know, rigid seven days like hey this is what I'm gonna do every day for the next seven days and I actually did it. I did take a break one day to do one of the yoga, like alternate exercises. And then I even did it on day eight. So I feel like it was really good help me get back into a routine of having a daily fitness practice again and I really enjoyed it.

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