CounSol.com Video Testimonial

November 15, 2021

Counseling Practice Management Software Reivew

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rebecca Eldredge, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Rebecca Eldredge, PhD: Hi, I'm Dr. Rebecca Aldridge. I'm a licensed psychologist with the counseling psychology background and I've been using Counsol for over nine years now with clients in both Texas and Michigan.

What were the reasons you selected CounSol.com for your practice management?

Rebecca Eldredge, PhD: I first found and selected Counsol because I needed a secure video platform for therapy appointments. I wanted something that was HIPAA compliant and easy to use. And Counsol was the thing that not only provided that, but also provided it at a budget and with so many other features, but also turned out to be really beneficial.

What is your favorite feature(s) of CounSol.com?

Rebecca Eldredge, PhD: teletherapy component still continues to be one of the strengths that keeps me loyal to Counsol after all of these years. Its easy to use for clients and for me, there are so many other features that I love as well. Actually, the journaling feature has turned out to be really beneficial. I love that it can be secure for clients that they can use it just as their complete private space, and that also gives them to share select journal entries with me when there's something that they like to review or discuss together. And I also love the appointment reminders, I think that helps people to keep their appointments more consistently and um, to know when an appointment is coming up.

How does CounSol.com make running your practice easier?

Rebecca Eldredge, PhD: Counsol makes running my practice easier because just about everything that I need to do is in the one platform from scheduling, appointment reminders, initial paperwork set up ongoing treatment notes client emails, therapy appointments, their journals. That just makes it so simple to have it all in one place. And being able to do that saves me time going back and forth in other areas or between different services or platforms or even having piles and piles of paper records like I used to have. So for me it's kind of all around that. It just keeps everything more coordinated and organized and it makes it really easy to see what notes have been done, what payments have been made, what things are still outstanding, who's met, who hasn't scheduled in a while. It just gives so many different views of what's going on in the practice. That helps me to stay on top of things.

What would you say to someone who is considering using CounSol.com?

Rebecca Eldredge, PhD: If someone is considering Counsol, I would just encourage them to check it out. My experience has been that it's very affordable compared to other sites. And Counsol, as a company stays on top of things, is very responsive to questions, concerns and is constantly developing new features, like I see them adding so many things along the way, including things that I've asked for a different points in time. So between the price point and the amount of service and features that you get, I would just encourage you to really um take a close look at it and you know, if there's something better out there I have not seen it.

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