CounSol.com Video Testimonial

September 21, 2021

Counseling practice management software has become a revolutionary way to run your business. Here’s how ours can significantly help your business efforts grow. Try us for Free!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nathan Havens, MA, LPC

Nathan Havens: My name is Nathan licensed professional counselor in colorado springs colorado, and I've been with Counsol.com for two years.

What were the reasons you selected CounSol.com for your practice management?

Nathan Havens: I was doing manual paperwork and a couple years ago decided one to switch over to do things more electronically just to reduce paperwork and more time efficiency. And so started looking at online programs and companies to kind of work with and came across Counsol.com and decided to go with them just because number one HIPAA compliance and also their rate was a lot cheaper based on the needs that I had and I didn't have limitations on how many client files I could have on the system where other companies was more based on like tears and stuff. So counsol didn't have that. Plus a big feature for me. I was also looking for some HIPAA compliance for emails for communication and that had it built in within the platform, so it really just fit the needs that I had and I really enjoyed that. There's customizable forms out there and the notes that I had, so that's why I chose counsol.com.

What is your favorite feature(s) of CounSol.com?

Nathan Havens: my favorite features of Counsol.com. Number one is going to be the online scheduling, letting clients be able to see when I'm available and they can request sessions. That has saved me a lot of time. And a lot of emails bouncing back and forth the clients. And so having clients see when I'm available and be able to book sessions has been a wonderful feature. Also like the emails that I can send through it that are more HIPPA compliant and a big part of that um is you can attach documents to it and also that you can see when the email was open. So I can tell if someone actually opened the email and that's been really helpful just to see when clients have actually read emails. Um Also like just being able to customize my own notes. And so I typically will change my notes each year so far the format of my notes. And so being able to go in and just modifying those as I need has been very helpful with that being able to create labels. So that way people are kind of categorized in different dynamics because I have multiple features within my company and different customers client base that I will use. So having certain documents tied to those different labels. So I know that they're getting the right documents being able to add documents onto their account. Like for customers to sign. And if they haven't signed them, being able to do just click a button and do an email reminder so that client knows that they have a document to be able to sign. So those are some of the main features that I really like about counsol that works for my company.

How does CounSol.com make running your practice easier?

Nathan Havens: Counsol.com has helped my company in multiple ways. Some of the biggest is going to be time management. So being able to communicate with clients more effectively, and especially documents being able to get documents back from people instead of just sending through emails or having them sign it all in person than having to scan it and upload it into a backup system and everything. So council has them do it all electronically. And the biggest feature is going to be the online scheduling, Being able to allow clients to book sessions online and be able for me to be able to block times in which I'm going to be gone or need breaks and different things like that. So it's just very flexible in letting me set it up the way that I need it too. But those are the biggest ways. It's made easier for my company.

What would you say to someone who is considering using CounSol.com?

Nathan Havens: of course, every company has to determine which platform would be a good fit for them. And so I researched many different companies and considered a lot of different options and definitely decided to go with counsol.com for just multiple reasons. It just seemed to be a good fit for me. But one of the things I would advise is just reading the descriptions of what counsol.com offers and if you have any questions on that or just wonder what that would look like for your specific situation and company just giving them a call and talking to representative that way they can help brainstorm of different ways to do it. Or it may be a direct way that they are able to offer a feature that they have that would fit specifically to your needs. They're just very helpful and friendly every time that I have emailed or called just to get support for my specific needs in the company.

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