CounSol.com Video Testimonial

November 11, 2021

Top Rated Counseling practice management EHR

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. LaTrice L. Dowtin

Dr. LaTrice L. Dowtin: Hi, I'm Dr. Dowtin of PlayfulLeigh Psyched. I'm a school psychologist and licensed clinical professional counselor. My practice currently serves people in Florida, Maryland and Missouri. PlayfulLeigh Psyched has been open for about three years now and has been using Counsol.com for about three months.

What were the reasons you selected CounSol.com for your practice management?

Dr. LaTrice L. Dowtin: I tried so many different practice management programs over the years and Counsol.com really was the best fit for my practice. It allows patients of PlayfulLeigh Psyched to have their own secure area that aligns with my practices, brand colors and theme really, it's like a safe and HIPAA secure extension of my website, allowing patients to know that they're in the right place. But really probably the most exciting and enticing part of Counsol.com was just how customizable everything is to meet my practice needs, you see, since PlayfulLeigh Psyched was already open for quite some time, I was pretty set on being able to have the forms and features be very similar to the things to which I have already grown accustomed. Counsol.com sync perfectly with my payment processor. I was already using it for several years. I didn't want to switch, it allows my patients to be able to send secure mail back and forth. It allows them to also be able to use a journal feature which some had already become accustomed to another system. And it even allows me not to skip a beat with text reminders for my patients automated text reminders.

What is your favorite feature(s) of CounSol.com?

Dr. LaTrice L. Dowtin: Yeah, I think my favorite feature of Counsol.com is that I basically have a built in IT Practice manager. That's right. I have one person, a real person, not bot that. I can call or email when I have a question or a problem with any aspect of Counsol.com My support manager's name is Matt. Not as wonderful. We have hopped on calls when I couldn't figure out how to do something and we don't have time to build a form or don't know how to make it calculate something or score something. I can just send it to Matt and he will usually have it built for me in just a couple of days. I mean honestly, he usually builds it in about 24 hours, but I know not to expect that from him always. He makes me feel like PlayfulLeigh Psyched is important to him and we know that it's important to me. That's invaluable. One person that helps me with my practice. I love it.

How does CounSol.com make running your practice easier?

Dr. LaTrice L. Dowtin: patients can book their own appointments, get automated reminders all without anyone at the practice having to lift a finger. It even allows us to save a card on file so that there are zero opportunity for us to have to worry about payments. Oh and you can even attach forms to be completed based on a session type so that you don't have to worry about remembering that for yourself. So for example if you want to assess postpartum symptoms, but only for patients who book postpartum appointments, then you can set it up so that they are automatically prompted to fill out that questionnaire at whatever frequency you set. How amazing is that? Not to mention if you have people in your practice who are unlicensed and they need a supervisor Counsol.com has that all set up for you so that even an outside supervisor can review their practice notes without having access to your entire system. It basically helps the system run itself. It makes it so easy.

What would you say to someone who is considering using CounSol.com?

Dr. LaTrice L. Dowtin: If you are considering Counsol.com, I think it would be silly to not at least give them a try and please let them know that Dr.Dowtin and that PlayfulLeigh Psyched sent you.

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