CounSol.com Video Testimonial

November 04, 2021

Best Counseling practice management software

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dana Avey, MS, MA, LMFT, BC-TMH, ADS

Dana Avey: Hi there, my name is Dana A. V. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist. I've been in private practice for the past six years and I practice in multiple states. I'm licensed in practicing in Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Vermont, New Mexico Arizona and Oklahoma.

What were the reasons you selected CounSol.com for your practice management?

Dana Avey: When I went through training to become a board certified tele mental health provider, Counsol was highly recommended as an electronic health record that would offer me the opportunity to do telehealth very seamlessly. And so that's why I ended up looking into Counsol in the first place.

What is your favorite feature(s) of CounSol.com?

Dana Avey: there are a number of features that I really appreciate about Counsol. One would be that clients can self schedule so I can input information to set up my calendar, my availability in a way that works for me and I can limit how far out clients can schedule, but they can take care of their own scheduling needs and I really appreciate that because that saves me a lot of time. Additionally, clients can make their payments on the portal. I don't have to handle cards and deal with all of that when clients are coming in for sessions and that makes my life a lot easier as well. Um And thirdly, the thing that I really appreciate it, like the day to day work is that my notes. I can kind of tweak a bit if I need to information can carry over from note to note. So there's certain features that can be selected where the information carries over. So I'm not having to reiterate a lot of the same information. I can do check boxes for interventions. It's really set up in a way so that I can cover all the things that I need to cover in terms of documentation and do my notes very quickly and nobody wants to spend a ton of time doing notes.

How does CounSol.com make running your practice easier?

Dana Avey: I find that Counsol takes away a lot of the admin burden. That was really essentially the piece that I loathed as far as private practice goes when you go from working in a clinic setting and you have people to handle your schedule and they handle payments and do all these things that make your life so much easier when you go into private practice, like as a solo provider, you don't often have that. And I feel like Counsol really removes that burden for me. I don't have to deal with back and forth calls and emails on scheduling. I don't have to make contact about payments. Um My notes are very streamlined and easy, so documentation works quickly. Um I'm not paranoid about audits because I know things are set up very well for me and Counsol overall. I think that it just really allows me to focus on client care and that's what we're here for, right.

What would you say to someone who is considering using CounSol.com?

Dana Avey: best recommendation I would have if you're thinking about looking into Counsol some more, Talk to a provider who is already using. Counsol run your questions by them, ask them about the way that they're forms have been customized and see if the needs that you have could be met. I see a lot in facebook groups with other providers venting about things they're EHR won't do or they can't figure out how to do and I sympathize and I think, well I don't have those issues. So talk to providers that are already using it. See the ways that it can meet your needs. Um hop onto the Counsol website and peruse a little while and see if you can test, drive and see what you think.

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