My Context Experience: Deanna Jones

February 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Deanna Jones, Travel Advisor and Context Customer

Deanna Jones: Hi, my name is Deanna and I am a travel adviser. I had a couple of clients who were interested in booking a trip to Spain later this year and they are history buffs and so they wanted me to put together some opportunities to learn a little bit about Spain before they traveled. And so I came across context, travel on the Internet. And as I was looking through what they had to offer, I was pretty impressed that they had a lot of different opportunities for learning, not just for history but for art, archaeology and other topics as well. No, I thought that was a great way for people to prepare to have a fantastic and much more enriching experience abroad.

Deanna Jones: So the first class that I've taken through context travel was the history of Al Andalus, and I was really impressed. The instructor was very knowledgeable, gave great information and really related it to the places that people would most likely visit. And so for me and my travel advising business, I thought that would be a perfect way for my clients who are traveling to southern Spain, particularly, to get to be more familiar with the history of that area, and as an introduction to possibly taking other context learning experiences to help broaden their horizons a little more before traveling to Spain.

Deanna Jones: For me, Context Learning has been a great way for me not only to recommend to my clients who are traveling abroad, but personally, as an avid traveler and as a history educator as well as a travel advisor, I always think that is much more important to know the context of the place that you're learning to understand why it's important, why it is something that we study in history, why it's something that visitors flock to and so understanding that the places that you visit are not just a place on the map, not just to stop on a tour, but a place where important, significant things have happened in the past. That makes your memories of those places much more meaningful.

Deanna Jones: So in the class that I took, which was the history of Al Andalus, my clients and I learned some pretty amazing things, for example, that the the same year that Christopher Columbus sailed, the Ocean Blue was the same year when the moors were officially kicked out of all of Spain. So 1492 was a very significant year on many different fronts, not just for the age of discovery.

Deanna Jones: Lifelong learners, former educators, students of history, art lovers, all kinds of people, will love Context Learning. They provide many different seminars and courses for different topics that relate to many of the countries around the world that people are now able to revisit. And um, I think it's going to be a wonderful opportunity for people to enrich their travel experiences to make those memories more meaningful to know that they didn't just visit some random building, but they visited a site of historical importance.

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