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February 01, 2022

Egyptian Archaeology on the Nile: A Multi-Part Journey #withContext and Dr. Jade Bajeot: https://www.contextlearning.com/products/nile-multi-part-journey

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jade Bajeot

Who are you and what are you teaching in this Context Conversation?

Jade Bajeot: Hi, I'm Jade. I'm based in Rome and I am an archaeologist. My great passion is Egypt and that's the reason why I'm taking you on a virtual Nile cruise. We will visit the country following the path and the rhythm of the Nile, and this will allow us also to understand the tight relationship between the Egyptians and the river, and in particular, the role of the latter in the development of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. We start with Cairo, we will continue with Tell el-Amarna, Luxor and we're finishing with Abu Simbel. So we'll be able to visit the country from north to south.

Why does this subject fascinate you personally?

Jade Bajeot: I particularly enjoyed this format, as the Nile will be the late motif allowing us to face very different subjects. We'll be able, for example, to talk about Ramses II, Akhenaten, Tutankhamen... so to deal with the classical dynastic Egypt, but also to meet other characters, such as, for example, Cleopatra and talk about the app Ptolemaic Egypt. So when the country was ruled by a greek dynasty, moreover, to follow the course of denial will allow us to get a general idea of the country and also to see the most famous archaeological sites, but also less known sites, like, for example, Darrell Medina or Tel Amarna, and some places that have even been destroyed today, such, for example, the fortifications of the southern border of the country.

What can someone expect to get out of this seminar?

Jade Bajeot: This course, made of four seminars, will allow you to get a general idea of the ancient Egyptian history and of the archaeological sites. You'll be able to visit the most famous ones, but also to discover some less known areas, and to get some tips to maybe organize a journey in Egypt in the future.

What is one thing you cover in this seminar that people would be surprised to learn?

Jade Bajeot: During the seminars, will the Bank several legends and will discover that the ancient Egyptians were much closer to us than we expect in particular. Did you know that the first strike ever documented in history took place in Egypt?

Who is this seminar for?

Jade Bajeot: This course is for those who are fond of Egypt and archaeology, but also for those who want to explore this country for the first time.

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